Body Language During Interview

Your body language speaks a lot about your personality. Body language includes facial expression, gestures, body movements, postures, eye contact etc.


Facial expression

Your face is the index of your mind. Experts can read faces. So, maintain a well balanced facial expression during the whole interview, changing it suitably with the type of questions you are asked. A soft pleasing expression with a hint of a smile enhances your personality.


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Interview Tips- Points to Remember

During interview


• Maintain your cheerfulness and enthusiasm throughout the period of interview.

• Be brief and precise while answering the questions

• Do not lie. If you are not sure of an answer there is no harm in accepting the same as honest people are always liked. “Honesty Pays”.

• Be polite while answering the questions

• Avoid slangs in your language

• If you do not understand the...

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Interview Tips

Points to remember

1. Do not seem to be excited or nervous.

2. Take a seat when offered.

3. Sit straight but relaxed. Do not cross your legs but keep your feet firmly on the floor, keeping your right foot slightly ahead of the left. This gives you more support and self confidence.

4. Keep arms in a natural position. Clasping your hands together or crossing your arms indicates your anxiousness.

5. Ha...

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