Body Language During Interview

Your body language speaks a lot about your personality. Body language includes facial expression, gestures, body movements, postures, eye contact etc.


Facial expression

Your face is the index of your mind. Experts can read faces. So, maintain a well balanced facial expression during the whole interview, changing it suitably with the type of questions you are asked. A soft pleasing expression with a hint of a smile enhances your personality.



A gesture is a movement of your head, hands or legs to express an idea, feeling or emotion. Often when we speak, we move our hands without being conscious of the movements. Gestures can be powerful tool to emphasize your ideas. But avoid unnecessary and exaggerated movement of your hands, head and eyes. Make judicious use of gestures during interview.


Gestures which leave a positive impression include-

• Movement of hands while talking to make your ideas/ opinion more impressive

• Raising of eyebrows to show surprise

• Nodding of head to express yes or no to something

• Keeping a sober facial expression if the topic is serious.


Body movements

Some candidates frequently change their position on the chair. Sit erect comfortably occupying the full seat of the chair. Don’t lean toward the interviewers nor hold yourself back. Changing your positions frequently in the chair shows nervousness.



Posture means the way in which someone usually stands or sits or holds his shoulders, neck and back. Stooping shoulders and rounded back indicate a dangerous lack of confidence. Sitting or standing with head erect suggests self confidence, dignity and determination; slouching suggests timidness and insecurity. So your posture while entering the room, sitting in the chair and responding to the questions covey a lot of significant details about your personality. So maintain dignified posture.


Eye contact

Maintain a moderate eye contact with the member asking questions. Give him full attention. Don’t lower your eyes or look sideways. Eye contact indicates your willingness to interact while its absence suggests the desire to withdraw. Even the lady candidates should maintain moderate eye contact with interviewers. It shows their confidence. Good eye contact suggests self confidence, interest, earnestness, harmony etc. Absence of eye contact suggests inattentiveness, indifference, impatience, guit etc.



Self confidence is your inner strength. It doubles your powers and multiplies your abilities. It is the source of all positive qualities. It empowers you to operate at your full potential for maximum achievement.

Self confidence is the foundation of all successes and achievements. It can be acquired by believing that success is your birthright.

Answer all the questions with full self confidence. Don’t lose confidence even if you don’t know the answer of any question. The only way to have self confidence during interview is the thorough preparation by way of knowing about the ins and outs of the job you seek, sound knowledge of national and international issues their cause, effect and solution, the applicability of you subjects, whether or not your ability, your personality match the job. The more you know about all these, the more confident you would feel. The more confident you are, the greater the possibility of your getting the job.