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Daily Vocab : 19 January 2018

abridged (adj.) – shortened संक्षिप्त

I have only read abridged edition of his book.


abrogate / ऐब्रॅगेट / verb

to officially end (a law, agreement, custom, etc.) (अधिकारिक तौर पर) निरस्त करना, रद्द करना, समाप्त करना

The trade treaty with Pakistan has been abrogated µ The new government of Nepal may abrogate all treaties with India.

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Daily Vocab : 18 January 2018

abstain / अब्स्टेन / verb

  1. परहेज करना, परे या दूर रहना, अलग या बचते रहना

She took a vow to abstain from smoking and drinking during pregnancy.

Both the countries agreed to abstain from any actions that might endanger the peace process.

Amonk abstains from luxuries and indugence.


abstemious / अब्स्टीमिअस / adj.

to avoid...

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Daily Vocab: 17 Janaury 2018

abundant / अबन्डॅन्ट / adj.

more than enough, existing in large amounts. प्रचुर, बहुत अधिक/ज्यादा

There is abundant evidence that polythene bags have harmful effects on the environment.

We have an abundant supply of food in our country.

Rainfall is abundant in all parts of the country.

The poor are not receiving abundant help from the government.


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Synonyms & Antonyms: 17 January 2018

Energetic / एनॅरजेटिक / adj. 1. उर्जावान, उत्साही 2. कर्मठ, फुर्तीला, सक्रिय 3. प्रबल, बलवान

Syn : animated, dynamic, lively, potent, spirited, vigorous, vivacious

Ant : debilitated, enervated, lazy, lethargic, listless, sluggish, torpid, weak


Enhance / इन्हान्स / verb. 1. वृद्धि करना, बढ़ाना 2. सुधारना, ऊँचा उठाना

Syn : augment, boost, improve, in...

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Daily Vocab: 16 Janaury 2018

accelerate / अक्सेलॅरेट / verb

to make something happen faster and more quickly. गति बढ़ाना / तेज करना, रफ्तार बढ़ाना

The economic development is likely to accelerate this year.

Farmers generally use chemical fertilizers to accelerate the growth of crops.

His wrong policies have accelerated the company’s failure.

She accelerated her car to overtake...

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