Remaining Time:-

Directions : (Q .1 – 5) : Study the following information carefully & answer the given questions:
Ten persons are sitting in two parallel rows in such a way so that 5-5 persons are sitting in each row at equal distance. A, B, C, D & E are sitting in row-I & they are facing the North. L, M, N, O & P are sitting in row-II & they are facing the South but not required in the same order.
C is not facing N & he is not any end of a row. O is facing E. E, is not the nearest neighbour of D. Only two persons are sitting between P & L. L is 2nd to the right from N. The person facing B is exactly at the left of N. B is 2nd to the right from D.

l. Who is in front of M?

2. As per the given arrangement, four of the following five are similar in a certain way & thus they form their group. Which one is not included in this group?

3. Where is E with respect to A?

4 Which of the following statements is true about L?

5. Who is the nearest neighbour of D?