Interview Tips- Points to Remember

1) Do not seem to be excited or nervous.

2) Take a seat when offered.

3) Sit straight but relaxed.

4) Do not cross your legs but keep your feet firmly on the floor, keeping your right foot slightly ahead of the left. This       gives you more support and self confidence.

5) Keep arms in a natural position. Clasping your hands together or crossing your arms indicates your anxiousness.

6) Have proper eye contact with the interviewers as this will reflect your confidence.

7) Maintain a smiling face through out the interview.

8) Speak slowly with pause, wherever necessary and avoid speaking in monotonous or stereo typed voice.

9) Don’t be either too passive or over familiar.

10) Don’t accept tea/ coffee/ water/ cold drink during the interview as this action is out of etiquette’s. Be gracious in          declining the offer, if made by the interviewers.

11) Once the interview comes to at end get up and thank the interviewers. Pick up your belongings, if any, walk                 smartly to the door and leave. Don’t forget to close the door after you.

12) While leaving the room, don’t turn back to look at the members. Don’t forget your manner of leaving the room is           being observed by the interviewers.