Essentials of Good Communication


Be precise in your answers. It is important to express yourself precisely and exactly without beating the bush or being verbose. So avoid long answers which may put you off the track. Give only relevant information and avoid exposing yourself unnecessarily. Do not give monosyllabic answers.



Brevity in expression effectively villas the attention of the people. Your long answer may get lost in a sea of verbosity and distraction. So be as brief as possible without losing appropriateness, clarity, completeness and courtesy. By talking too much you may reveal your weaker points.


Logical sequence

Arrange the various ideas in their logical sequence while answering. Jumbled ideas create confusion, while logically arranged ideas make the answer forceful.



If you don’t know the answer of any question, be honest, it is better to accept it. Don’t try to bluff the interviewers. Honesty pays a lot.



Display enthusiasm while answering the questions. It will win the attention of the interviewers. Don’t be casual and frivolous. Maintain enthusiastic and cheerful disposition.



Answer the question with conviction. Lack of conviction causes lack of confidence because of which you may not be able to impress the interviewers with your answer.


Attentive listening

The role of listening is as important as that of speaking. So, attentive listening is very important during interview. By doing so you can very well understand the question and give appropriate replies. Have patience to listen to the interviewers. Don’t be in a hurry to speak. Don’t speak before the interviewer completes his questions.



As Dale Carnegie has pointed out- Employers prefer to hire the services of a less qualified sales girls if she has a lovely smile than to hire a highly qualified person with a long and sober face. A smile is a most successful means to establish a quick rapport with the board members. An open, friendly, pleasant and spontaneous smile creates a favourable impression. But during serious questions, maintain proper balance. While discussing serious problem, adopt a serious expression. We cannot continue to smile when grave or tragic situation is being discussed.


Consistency of approach

Be firm and consistent in your option. Don’t change your stand about what you have initially expressed till the end of the interview. Don’t change your viewpoint just to please the members or the chairman. Adhering to your first opinion displays your strong character. Never contradict yourself.



Always be courteous. Do not miss any opportunity to compliment the interviewers. Apologize sincerely for a mistake or an omission and thank generously for a favour. The way you conduct yourself relfects your up bringing and your culture. So use polite statements as – “You please”, “Thank you”, “I beg your pardon”, “I wish to state”, etc.



During interview, your communicaiton must be as formal and explicit as possible. Some youths use slangs as an integral part of their daily communicaiton. Use of slangs like “wanna” “gonna” will certainly not be appreciated during an interview.