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Daily Vocab: 16 Janaury 2018

accelerate / अक्सेलॅरेट / verb

to make something happen faster and more quickly. गति बढ़ाना / तेज करना, रफ्तार बढ़ाना

The economic development is likely to accelerate this year.

Farmers generally use chemical fertilizers to accelerate the growth of crops.

His wrong policies have accelerated the company’s failure.

She accelerated her car to overtake the truck.

You must accelerate your efforts / preparations to set up a new training centre.


accentuate / अक्सेन्चुएट / verb

to make something more noticeable. बल देना

She uses eyeliner to accentuate her eyes.

Her dress was tightly belted, accentuating the slimness of her waist.

Dark clothes tend to accentuate wrinkles on your face.

Such foul weather generally accentuate her feelings of depression/despair.


acclaim / अक्लेम / verb, noun

(v) to praise someone / something enthusiastically. हर्ष सहित जय-जयकार करना, करतल ध्वनि करना

Sachin Tendulkar was acclaimed as the greatest player of his generation.

His latest book has been widely acclaimed by his critics.

(n) praise from a lot of people. प्रशंसा, जय-जयकार

His new book was greeted with widespread critical acclaim.

All her books won/received critical acclaim but they did not sell well.


acclimatize / अक्लाइमॅटाइज़ / verb

to adjust / adapt to different conditions of life, a new climate, place or situation. जलवायु या परिस्थिति ढालना / ढलना / अभ्यस्त होना

I found it difficult to acclimatize myself to the new working conditions when I joined this office.

The soldiers will need more time to become acclimatized to desert conditions.

The players are already in Australia, where they are acclimatizing for this week’s tournament.


accolade / ऐकॅलेड / noun

an award or an expression of praise. पुरुस्कार, प्रंशसा, प्रशंसात्मक उल्लेख

The soldiers of Kargil war received accolades for their exceptional bravery from both government and public.

Winning a Nobel Prize is generally regarded as the highest accolade for one’s work.