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Daily Vocab: 8 Janaury 2018

adjourn / अजरन / verb

to make a pause (esp. in meeting/session) for a short period.

The assembly was adjourned sine die by the speaker.

The meeting was adjourned until Monday.

Shall we adjourn for lunch now?

The proceedings have now been adjourned for three days.


adjournment / अजरनमॅन्ट / noun

The court’s adjournment m...

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Synonyms & Antonyms: 8 January 2018

Fatal / फेट्ल / adj. 1. घातक, जानलेवा 2. भाग्य निर्णायक

Syn : deadly, destructive, disastrous, lethal, pernicious, ruinous

Ant : beneficial, benign, harmless, innocuous


Fatigued / फॅटीग्ड / adj. थका हुआ, थका-माँदा

Syn : exhausted, jaded, tired, weary


Faultless / फॉ:ल्टलॅस / adj. 1. त्रुटिरहित, पूर्ण 2. निर्दोष

Syn : s...

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