Interview Tips- Points to Remember

During interview


• Maintain your cheerfulness and enthusiasm throughout the period of interview.

• Be brief and precise while answering the questions

• Do not lie. If you are not sure of an answer there is no harm in accepting the same as honest people are always liked. “Honesty Pays”.

• Be polite while answering the questions

• Avoid slangs in your language

• If you do not understand the question, request the panel to repeat it saying

“I beg your pardon” Sir,




Sorry sir, I couldn’t precisely follow the question. May I request you to repeat the question, please.




Could you please repeat the question.

• Be an Active Listener

• Even if you stumble on a particular question do not lose heart. It will lower your confidence & ruin the rest of the session.

• Try & direct the panel to an area where you are comfortable.

• The candidate should speak with confidence and should look into the eyes of the different members in turn.

• Do not keep on saying “Yes” or “No” monotonously all the time when the questions are put to you.

• Do not change the topic abruptly. Do not talk of irrelevant or totally unconnected matters.